How you can get here

Bergl 33., Gnesau A-9563, Austria

By Car

It is easy-peasy!

However we are 1000 meter above see level, the roads here are usable with a normal personal car (according to our experience).

You can reach us via three international highways (from Wien, München or Italy), and from either of the exits it is 40-minute drive.

Some examples:

  • From Wien 3 hour 44 on S6 Autobahn
  • From Salzburg 2 hours 21 minutes on A10 Autobahn
  • From A23/A2 Autobahn from Italy

Our address: Bergl 33., Gnesau 9563, Austria

46°48’36.1″N 13°53’28.7″E

RV6R+2G Gnesau

Plan your trip by Google Maps here.

By train, bus

We are reachable by public transportation too.

The are three international, main rail routes that you can choose (RailJet):

  • from Wien to Klagenfurt
  • from München to Villach,
  • from Venice, Italy to Villach,

From these cities, there are bus connections that bring you up here to the mountains, such as:

  • From Klagenfurt by bus via Feldkirchen in Kärnten
  • From Villach by S-Bahn till Feldkirchen in Kärnten, and from there by bus

The bus from Feldkirchen take you here in 18 minutes. The bus is convenient while there are only just a few people on it. We are  in the countryside. 

Bus stop where to get off: St. Margareten/Gurk B95

From the bus stop there is circa 5-minute walk. Let us know your arrival time and we are getting with the kids to see you at the bus stop with a coach to carry your bags.

An asphalted road leads to us from the bus stop. Not an issue.

Some examples to public transportation

According to the present timetable, but please check the actual timetable for you.

  • Wien Hbf to St.Margarethen/Gurk B95/Abzw Ort: 8:18 – 14:07  you are here by the bus.
  • München Hbf to St.Margarethen/Gurk B95/Abzw Ort: 7:56 – 14:07  you are here by the bus.
  • Salzburg Hbf to St.Margarethen/Gurk B95/Abzw Ort: 10:12 – 14:07  you are here by the bus.

Please note our check-in is from 14:00 but contact us if you would arrive earlier.

Plan your public transportation here

By airplane

From Airport Klagenfurt 42 minutes with transfer.

From Graz Airport 1 hour 59 minutes with transfer.

From Salzburg Airport 2 hour 13 minutes with transfer

From Ljubjana Airport 1 hour 33 minutes with transfer

Transfer: Either with Ebeneder or ask for our transfer service.

Transportation for trips around us


Bus – from St.Margarethen/Gurk B95/Abzw