Sublime Aerial Yoga & Handstand Retreat

April 21, 2024 14:00– April 25, 2024 10:00

Host: Aerial Sea Silk Retreat

Event Language: english

What can I expect from this retreat?

Our retreat is for people who want a full immersion into aerial training in a welcoming surrounding.

Learn technique and skills, work on goals of strength, flexibility and have lots of fun! 

This is a time to improve your training and love for aerial arts!


  • Introduces new ways of movement – tones the whole body, increases performance, strength and mobility as well as circulation​
  • Teaches deep stretching positions – releases stiffness and toxins, reduces pain, increases flexibility
  • Combines movement, stillness and breathing – releases toxins, increases energy levels, stimulates deep relaxation
  • Activates the hormone system – improves regeneration, sleep, brings physical and emotional balance, improves your life quality


  • Regulates the hormonal balance – improves you health, energy level, sleep, mood, improves your life quality
  • Develops a youthful look – improves self esteem, sattisfaction, brings radiance
  • Brings awarenes on breathing – releases toxins out of the body, improves the digestion system, clams down, rises energy levels



  • Activates the whole body –  increases flexibility and mobility, introduces new ways of moving, tones all the muscles, reduces pain, gets you into great shape
  • Activates the hormone system – rises your energy level, improves your health, improves your sleep and mood
  • Teaches you how combine breathing and movement – increases your performance, reduces fatigue and muscle ache, improves body regeneration
  • Teaches you techniques (exercises) of a thorough warming up as well as stretching, that can be of a great use for your other activities, preventing injuries, enabling you to work in a safe way
  • Gives you a solid basis for a safe performance of inverted and balancing postures – increases blood circulation, physical and mental balance, rises energy levels