… in the spirit of naturalness

Everything is wood

As you enter the studio, bathe your senses in the calming effect and super woody smell of Scots pine (Zirben).

We kept the original beams, sanded and oiled them, and covered the entire space with wood paneling.

Feel as the sunlight …

warms your face in the relaxation at the end of your yoga session, or enjoy the brightness during your energizing ritual.

Huge glass surfaces let the studio be so bright that brings light to your soul too.

The view from the studio overlooks a mountain and a valley to the east.


Yoga supplies at hand

Whether it’s a yoga mat, block, meditation pillow, strap or blanket, it’s available in the studio.

Sunrise and Fullmoon

Wake yourself up with the sunrise as you do a morning yoga practice or make a “let-go-of” full moon meditation.

However the clean weather conditions we can not guarantee, the energy of the planets are there.


The crackling fire in the fireplace provides a great extra experience in winter, let’s say, during a yin yoga session.


Quality sound technology and spiritual instruments such as tibetan singing bowls, tingsha from Tibet, gong from Nepal are for use.


The studio comes with a kitchenette so as you can treat yourself with tea or herbal water prepared for you.

Details in Numbers

Total surface area is 97 square meters (min. 61.5 square meters of studio space, 17.5 square meters of gallery, plus kitchenette, hall, restroom.

Fits 16 yoga mats comfortably, but up to  26 can be placed. 

Thank you that …

you do not bring chairs in the studio.

you make “soft” movement programs inside; jumping, hard-core dancing can be done outside, in the grassy yard.

you too enter the studio only with barefoot / socks and do not eat inside.


Daily Classes in the Studio

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Rent the studio

The studio is available for one-day workshops or for more-day programs too.

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