Guest House

feel, sense and release

Feel peace in your cells and not just see that

The core element of our reconstruction was to keep it natural and simple.

We have created peace in the guest house by using natural materials, because nature is peaceful by itself.

Wood, clay (Lehm), linseed oil, Swiss pine (Zirbenholz), merino wool, 100% cotton, natural essential oils.

When you enter our guest house, you not only see but also smell, feel and sense naturalness.

Everything breathes in & out

Since this building was a barn and it is about 180 years old, it was made of only stones, rocks, wood and moss.

The plastering material was at that time only sand, water, mud and loam.

So we used also natural material as much as the possibilities allowed us.

Different types of local wood and also old-wood, pise(Lehm), Lehmputz, natural foundation, wooden insulation.

All material around you breath in & out such as you breath fresh air in and toxins & “weary” air out.

So we want you to breath naturalness in our guest house.

Everyone is equal

So all our guests receive a full-size, normal bed made of local Swiss pine (Zirbenholz).

No one has to climb over the other into the double bed. Our rooms are spacious and bright.

Each bed is 90 x 200 cm, with a merino wool layer on the upper side.

Beds are coming with a feather or wool duvet, and a feather or seed pillow.

100% cotton towels and beddings with Öko-text label await our guests. (large and medium size)

Keep yourself minimalistic

As long as you focus on the externals, you cannot really connect with yourself.

So we kept our room units minimal. In the bedroom you can find only bed and bed-size lamp for good-night reading. No sockets!

Let sun shines on you. Each room has three windows that face to east and south or south and west.

Each room unit has a bathroom with shower and a separate toilet.

Put your phone down & switch it off

In order to minimise electrical smog and also to reduce the desire to use your phone/social media, we help you.

Docking station is awaiting your electrical gadgets in the hallway, where you can either leave your gadget or charge that.

No sockets are available in the rooms.

Sleep well undisturbed!

Wi-fi is available in the community area (kitchen).

Good physiological effects

Zirbenholz (Swiss pine) smells not just wonderful, but it has a calming effect on body and mind.

It has positive effect on smoothing your emotions, on the lymphatic system and balancing the heart beats.

Moreover, it helps to cope with stress, anti-allergenic, and improve sleeping quality.

Lehm (clay) regulates air humidity. Let the wall breath in and out. In addition it provides a sense of well-being.

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