Sexual Freedom & Expression

August 15, 2024 15:00– August 18, 2024 13:00

Host: Felicia

Event Language: english

Beyond the Skin | Beyond the Mainstream| The Pleasure of Being Truly Alive

Exclusive Women’s Retreat



what pleasure means to you.


how pleasure can be your north star.


your sexual pleasure.

It is so hard to enjoy our life deeply. To have sex generously. To live with passion and compassion, wisdom and playfulness.

True freedom and expression is precisely difficult because it requires us to befriend the parts of us that we have rejected and forgotten.

There are many paths that lead us home to our true selves. Sexuality is only one path of this journey.

This is a journey to unlearn, heal and grow in your sensuality, in your true sexuality, in your responsibility for your well-being and your life!

It isn’t our body who’s failing us. Our conditioning is.

For 4 days, we will share unique moments in a safe space full of respect and compassion. A time for you to explore your sensuality, sexuality and the power to create a more authentic, healthy and happy life.

Ironically we don’t need to learn about sexuality. We need to unlearn anything that got in its way!

As we go through our wounds and conditioning, we will regain confidence in ourselves, our bodies, and our vitality.

The journey to sexual freedom & expression needs us to address aspects on all levels


In our bodies dwell stuck memories and emotions such as shame, confusion, anger. With different breathing and movement practices, we will be able to unblock and process them.

We will re-establish an intimate, loving relationship and recover confidence in our body, to give space to our true desires and discover how to live with more freedom and pleasure.


We will immerse ourselves in what conditions us, our belief system and personality structure. In this way, we can understand the patterns we repeat in our thoughts, feelings and relationships.

By understanding our past, navigate individual and collective trauma – we can give the next step to live the way we desire, with more authenticity and awareness.


Your sexual journey is a life long adventure and it will take you places you have not yet imagined. It is much deeper than sex. It is about connection to self and those around you.

We will learn how to become more aware of our emotions. We enhance compassion, love, empathy, for ourselves and for others. Accept anger by giving it the attention and space it needs.

Together we will dive into:

  • Understand the influence of your upbringing, incl. what is sex and orgasm beyond the 101 myths we were told
  • Sense and communicate your boundaries – and why rage is crucial to pleasure!
  • Release old blockages, shame and wounds stored in your body, esp. womb and pelvis
  • Learn how to engage in sexuality in a way that supports your embodiment, instead of dissociating
  • Unleash your sensual power in a safe environment
  • Re-establish an intimate, loving relationship with your sexuality and your yoni
  • Reclaim your sexual pleasure and power

Sexuality is at the core of the human personality, it is not what you do – it is who you are.

This is not a sex technique retreat. It is about holding the space for your sexuality to emerge.

We will employ multiple techniques to facilitate your exploration:



Emotional Release

Sharing Circles


Masssage Nourishment

Yoni Exploration & Gazing

Body Painting

We will be by your side with compassion and no judgement, allowing for transformation to happen at your own speed.

Sample of the daily programm

8:00 am: Optional morning practice (e.g. breathing, journaling, etc.)

9:00 am: Breakfast

10:30 am: Opening circle & morning workshop

13:00 pm: Lunch & Integration break

4:00 pm: Sharing circle & afternoon workshop

7:00 pm: Dinner

8:30 pm: Optional evening program (e.g. massage, rituals, etc.)


Aug 15 | Day 1: Check in starts at 3pm & program starts at 5pm

Aug 18 | Day 4: Check-out 1pm & program finishes at 12pm

Hi! I’m Felicia,
and I am on a mission to end shame, confusion and and pain around sexuality.

Faking my orgasms led me on a quest that was once about pleasure & pleasure in the only form I knew…

BUT all I found along the way were workshops that offered me the opportunity to become a fully orgasmic woman.

AND it didn’t work. If you are not in touch with your own body, the leap is too big. It just leads to more frustration and confusion.

I learnt however that the fun, the vibrancy and the orgasms will come when you are truly in touch with yourself. When you have had the patience to untangle the beliefs that are holding you back and your nervous system is regulated.

Read more about my story here

Watch my Orgasm Story from ORF here (german)

Magic Of The Mountains

The Place To Let Go & Become

Location: YogaFarm is a very unique retreat center unlike any other. It is located in the middle of the beautiful ‘Kärnterische’ woods at 1000 m above sea level.  As soon as you enter the Yoga Farm you will be charmed by it pure energy, simplicity and authenticity. The home made food, the lofty studio and countless available walks around invite you to slow down.

Accommodation: YogaFarm offers 4 beautiful wooden units. Each unit comes with a bedroom with 4 “Zirben” beds, a separate bathroom and toilet. The 4 quadruple rooms support the group energy and the individual development. 

Travel to YogaFarm: YogaFarm is located 300km away from Vienna and Munich. Detailed travel details  and ride share options will be available upon application submission.

We have exclusive use of the entire space during our stay!

For more info about this exquisite location click HERE

If you are interested, but still not sure, let’s talk.

I know on my own skin how frightening is to expose yourself in a group setting. Still my biggest personal breakthroughs took place in group retreats with other women.

Arrange a discovery call to see whether the retreat is right for you.

Book A Discovery Call With Felicia

A Complete Experience

This is not just a 4-day retreat. From the moment you apply, we want to support you in the best way possible. We will consider your current situation in various areas of your life, as well as the intentions that led you to apply, to provide you with the most fulfilling experience.

After this retreat, we will remain in contact with you during the integration process – the time when you prepare to put in practice the insights gained during this self awareness retreat. You will receive special materials to further enrich your journey and support from us whenever you feel it is needed.


  • 4-day tailored program – maximum group of 12 women
  • 3-day accommodation in 4-bed rooms with pine wood beds
  • 3 locally-sourced vegetarian meals per day made with love
  • 2h online group integration call after the retreat
  • 90min private somatic session after the retreat

Investment Details


A non-refundable deposit of 500 EUR holds your place in the Retreat. Remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to the Retreat.


Enroll by May 1, 2024

1100 EUR (save 200EUR)


Enroll by Aug 15, 2024

1300 EUR

Apply today and get 200 EUR off

If you are done with living at half volume

If you are done hiding who you are

If you are done kiiind offff going for it

It’s time to let go of all the fear, the playing small, the hiding and finally live the life you came here to live.

Set yourself free, so you can truly live!

Next steps!

How It All Works

Fill out this form to be contacted by Felicia to arrange a call.

In this conversation, we will discuss your specific wishes regarding your sexuality and from this retreat.

You will also be given all the information about the retreat, including the accommodation, what to bring and the clarification of all your doubts.

Please note that your application does not guarantee your spot until you have spoken with Felicia and both agreed this retreat is a fit for you.

This retreat is for untamed wild ones who know that authentic pleasure is one of the paths to freedom, expression and love!

What I want to offer you is something that will last forever.

Cannot wait to meet you!

Reclaim your sexuality and pleasure!