Find Your Way

What is this YogaFarm about?

We have an idea that everyone does for living what they love to do and what they are best at.

How differently this world would vibrate if everyone did activities with pure-purpose from their hearth and soul!

That’s what we do at our YogaFarm.

We are happy to support you to find your way that makes you the happiest person in your life..

With love,

Agnes and the family

Why we have dreamed…

… a yogic, calm environment in the mountains, where we hear our own inner voice and live together with nature.

We found and made our way.

We do what we love doing.

Agnes teaches awareness-raising techniques & yogic lifestyle. Zsolt builds, renovates, works with wood, plans, manages our YogaFarm. Our kids enjoy the huge space, the freedom.

Your too can hear your inner voice that shows you the way

Just give yourself the time & the space …

to pull your focus inside.

Otherwise you go on with this life dependent on others and by others, in which, you can never fulfill your life purpose.

Do what you’re the best at!

So give yourself space, quietness and clean, uplifting energies.

Our YogaFarm purpose supports you, the purification of your energy.

Moreover we provide you clean, homemade food, an eco guest house and the energy of cleansing energy of the mountains.

Choose the opportunity to participate in a program where we talk, chant, meditate, and have a séance together. (see Event or Daily classes)

In the tranquility of our YogaFarm, you can hear your own inner voice telling you which direction you can go.

Values we are proud of…

We live according to the principles of minimalism and simplicity, always a little better every day.

Respecting nature is a central element for us.

We reduce our environmental impact by paying attention to our environmental footprint.

In our renovation work, we used as natural materials as possible: local wood, “pise”, natural primer, adobe paint, linseed oil, natural insulation, and we reused old wood as much as possible.

Bread, sweets and crisps. We make all the food ourselves, and our kids love “mummy’s cooking”.

Packaging-free or paper package. We pick herbs, and make only loose leaf tee.

No to plastic. We use natural soups and oils for daily body care bought from small businesses.

We recycle what we can, and we buy what really necessary is.

Our YogaFarm …

… is from two separate houses.

The yoga studio comes with wonderful view.

The guest house with its simplicity and minimalism is in the service of tranquility.

Chill in the sunlight of the winter garden or in a shady corner of the garden.

Hike, wander or take a walk on the mountain side starting your walk from our gate.

Read more …

We are not a gateway offering fancy yoga camps!

We live our everyday life here…

… with our children,

doing the gardening,

picking fruits,

making salads, cooking & eating good,

breathing the fresh, mountain air,

enjoying the present moment.

You are invited to enjoy our space!

Because it matters what energies you fill with.

We purify the energy of the living areas and also our own energy – on a regular basis.

We do not consume junk and processed food .

We do not smoke and drink no alcohol.

We learn from our mistakes and make ourselves better on our spiritual path.

But we laugh, play and live a normal life!

We believe in the power of energy.

Our Team

I’m Agnes (aka: FreshUp Agi), coming with a multinational company background and I always dealt with account management.

Now I am a mother of two, and am learning a lot about me since motherhood is my greatest teacher.

I am teaching yoga, meditation and energising techniques in order that you can live a life that makes you you (and your things happening) easier.

When you contact us, I answer you back.

Zsolt “the builder”. My husband loves not just managing our construction but also he himself grabs the hammer or the screwer and makes our YogaFarm more confy.

He comes with an entrepreneur background, then he worked years in the consumer society.

He loves nature, hiking and making fun with the kids.

… and our Kids

who make our world happier,

our everydays more challenging,

and keep us motivated.

When you can resonate with us, you are welcome to our space!